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What's Yeet?
Yeet is a memetoken purely derived from VeChain blockchain enthusiasts. We stand for decentralisation, community devving, and most importantly fun. We are an unserious token with a serious goal: to get developers to build on the superior VeChain Blockchain.
Why did you create Yeet?
Actually just for fun. But we want to send another message too. Vechain Thor is a public blockchain. We wish to see more (but real, serious) projects, decentralised applications and tokens on the VechainThor Blockchain. Vechain Thor blockchain is not just an enterprise blockchain and actually offers many possibilities which should be utilized.
Will Yeet do something?
No. We're entirely a joke. Literally.
Is Yeet a scam?
No. We will not promise anything and we dont have goals with Yeet. We do deliver occasionally, but nothing special lmao.
Is Yeet endorsed by Vechain?
No absolutely not. we are NOT endorsed by Vechain.
Should I buy this for financial gains?
If you seriously considering this then you should quite crypto as a whole. Obviously the answer to the above question is NO.
Meet Mr. Alpaca!
Discover the advantages of being in our super special Telegram channel! These include but are not limited to:
  • Boobs on thursday
  • Occasional Yeet Tippings
  • Boobs on thursday
  • AMA (Ask Me Alpaca
  • Memes
  • Much more!



Mr. Alpaca

CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder

Vechain Viking

Chief Graphical Design


Chief Pixel Molester


Chief No Dump Officer


Chief Tipsy Officer


Chief Watermelon Officer

Master Snack

Chief No Marketing Officer

Kermit's Pink Finger

Chief Kermit Marketing Officer


Chief Keef Officer

Advisory Board

Joanna (ad)Ventures

Boobie Advisor

Shaun Capital

Strategic Advisor